Simple-Living Tips to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

Strong Ideas from Iona Slow down. Stop shopping (except, of course, for food and essentials). Turn off the lights. Stay home. Appreciate the things you have. Remember our motto: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. Grow as much of your own organic food as you can. Mend old clothesContinue reading “Simple-Living Tips to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use”

A Simple-Living Pep Talk

By Iona Conner, Publisher/Editor Groundswell News Journal Each of us must do what we can from where we stand today, gently changing those habits and philosophies which hurt us and our environment. We must clear out the clutter in our lives and discover things we value most, making them our top priorities and withdrawing fromContinue reading “A Simple-Living Pep Talk”